Cal Heat Track Club

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About Cal Heat Track Club

History of Our Club

Cal Heat Track Club is a member of the Southern California Association/USA Track & Field (Club #33-0322). Started in 1996, we work with youth athletes to expose them to competitive events throughout Southern California. Our philosophy is to develop sound work ethics, instruct athletes on the proper mechanics of running and develop personal objectives to achieve individual and team goals.

Our season runs January - July for track and field and August - December for cross country and track and field conditioning. We also provide agility and speed training for athletes who are interested in improving performance for a specific sport (i.e. basketball, baseball, football).

The fall conditioning starts 10/15 at Hart Park from 6:00 – 7:30 pm. We meet outside the center field of the baseball field adjacent to the softball fields by the flagpole.

Cal Heat Track Club Members

  • Thom Confer: Head Coach
  • Gary Humphreys: Ass't Coach
  • Caelainn Confer: Ass't Coach
  • Debra Confer: Coach/Physical Therapist

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